jan mullen

Born 1958 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


1977–80     Burwood State College (B.Ed Art/Craft)- double major Textiles/Sculpture



2015          Leading the planning group for WAFTA’s 2016 juried exhibition to be held in 2016.

                  Feathering the nest #1 - of hope & glory exhibited in the the OZQUILT exhibtion held at the National Wool Museum,
Geelong, VIC.

                  Speaker at the OZQUILT seminar held at the National Wool Museum.

                  Teaching a design class for OZQUILT at the National Wool Museum.

                  Speaker at the ACQ conference in Perth.

2013/14     Initiated and led a community program, Salvage/Selvedge, with aims to grow the skills of participants whilst fundraising to enrich the lives of a deserving group. A quilt exhibition & auction was held in 2014 at The Moores Building, Fremantle.

2013          Fortune Favours the Makers #1& #2 exhibited in the the WAFTA group show, WA.

2012          Selector for for Stitched & Bound, WA.

                  Teaching for Fremantle C.C. at their One Stop Shop. Directed project; stitch, fabric, framing, themed.

2010/11     Initiated and led a community program, Helping Handz, with aims to grow the skills of participants whilst fundraising to enrich the lives of a deserving group.

2010          Fabric collection for Marcus Brothers, USA – Fresh Mixerz .

                  India Undies selected for Stitched & Bound, Heathcote Gallery, WA.

2009          Two Souls exhibited in the the WAFTA group show, WA.

                  Invitational exhibition of new works at GIFT group show (Soda Studios), North Fremantle, WA.

2008          A True Friend is a Rare Bird exhibited in the USA – invitational exhibition using digital prints on a prototype Japanese fabric.

2007/11      Working with Bewley Shaylor, under the name Running with a Sandwich, producing sixty photograph based greeting cards – sold nationally and internationally.

2006          Fabric collection for Marcus Brothers, USA – Playing in Spotsville

                  Free & Easy Circles published by C&T, USA

                  Beggar Block Butterfliez #3 selected for exhibition at Galerie Quilt & Textilkunst, Munich, DE.

                  Changing faces #2 selected for Stitched & Bound, Fremantle Art Centre, WA

                  Speaker at QTSGA seminar, The Powerhouse, Sydney, NSW.

2005          Fabric collection for Marcus Brothers, USA – Bohemian Melodiez

2004          Fabric for Marcus Brothers, USA – Paisliez & Daisiez

                  Feature Artist for Bernina Australia.

2003          Recorded two sessions of the TV program Simply Quilts. The second program being their inaugural fabric challenge.

                  Five fabric collections for Marcus Brothers, USA – Citruz, Citruz Yarn Dyes, Blackz & Whitez, Stripez & Spotz, Beez, Bugz & Butterfliez.

                  Reverse Applique With No Brakez published by C&T, USA.

2002          Five fabric collections for Marcus Brothers, USA – Happy Hippiez, Plush Positivez, Meadowz, Skiez, Starz.

                  Feature Artist for TRUE BLUE exhibitions Stitch & Craft Show, WA. Included in the show was the XLN exhibition using Bright Bitz as the challenge fabric..

2001          Five fabric collections for Marcus Brothers,USA – Treasurez, Positivez, Retro Rhythmz, Retro Rhythmz Yarn Dyes, Circus Trickz.

                  Cut Loose Quilts published by C&T, USA.

                  French Translation of Cut Loose Quilts, Quilts destructures, published by Editions de Saxe.

2000          Commenced designing fabric for Marcus Brothers, USA. Bright Bitz, Party Piecez , Bitz & Piecez.

                  Scratching back to our beginnings quilt history recorded byThe American Quilt Alliance’s Save Our Stories.

1999          Basketz #2. Sample quilt for Kaufman fabrics, USA.

1998          Stargazey Quilts appears at Quilt Market, USA. Patterns distributed worldwide.

                  The Letter X #4 – a woman’s prerogative selected for The Australian Quilt & Craft Festival, VIC.

                  Sweet Dreams Celeste exhibited at the Running Stitch Wool Quilt Exhibition, VIC.

                  We walk a crooked line awarded first prize at Toward the New Millenium, SA Quilters Guild.

1997          The Letter X #4 – a woman’s prerogative selected for The Razors Edge elected WAQA group show

                  The Letter X #1 – coloured kisses, first of many commisioned quilts for XLN fabrics, NSW, for use in promoting their new fabric lines.

                  Private commission, handpainted cotton duck wedding mats pieced and quilted.

1996          Launch of Stargazey Quilts, teaching local classes then self publishing patterns using contemporary and original techniques and celeste gets all the crusts selected for The Razors Edge, WAQA group show.

1995          Projects and cover quilt in The Calico House published by That Patchwork Place, USA.

                  Every man should have his shed – but my man’s still waiting selected for One Step Further, VIC.

1990          With Genevieve Dewhurst, opened Interior Motives – a retail homewares/gift store in East Fremantle, WA.

1980          Graduation exhibition held with ceramic artist Marion Mokos at Walker Ceramics Gallery, VIC.



Apart from a catalogue of over 100 patterns. Jan has three books published by C& T Publishing, USA.

Profiles, articles on exhibited quilts, commentary and quilt projects have also appeared in most major quilting magazines & various other publications worldwide including;

                   Australian Homespun, Great Australian Quilts #2, (project) & #1, (project)

                   Down Under Quilts -#84 – profile

                   New Zealand Quilter - #47 – profile

                   British Patchwork & Quilting - Dec 2002 – article

                   The Quilting Quarterly - Vol 31 #2, – Profile

                   The Keepsake Quilter Newsletter - Spring 2002, – Profile

                   McCalls Quilting - Feb 2002 – Double Squarez-in-Squarez project

                   The Keepsake Quilting Cookbook themed around Stargazey Heartz pattern

                   Bright Quilts from Downunder - Martingale – Bitz & Piecez project

                   Australian Spirit - ed. Sham Lohani & Barbara Macey

                   Encyclopedia of Quilting – Donna Kooler

                   Contemporary Quilting – Cindy Walter & Stevii Graves



Austrade – Export Market Development Grants – 2002/3, 2003/4 & 2004/5.

West Australian Government Export Support Scheme grant awarded in 1998.



2015               Teaching only a new object-based design class. To local students then OZQUILT conference delegates at the National Wool Museum, Geelong, Victoria.

2013 – 2014   Teaching is exclusively community based. My increasing interest in growing local talent became the start of an interest in pro bono community work.

2009 – 2012   Teaching is almost exclusively studio based.

1998 – 2009   Teaching, Lecturing and marketing around the world including at major industry show, retail shows, conventions, retail stores, quilting guilds and private groups. Extensive and regular coverage of USA and also visits to Ireland, Norway, Spain, Germany, UK and New Zealand.

1996/8            Teaching at Threadbearz, WA.

1994/5            Teaching and retail sales at The Calico House, WA.



Over 100 published patterns in various formats for various markets.

Packaging design evolved - from the original home printing system, through the cost effective product for

mass distribution to the final update allowing for print on demand and making some patterns

available for download.

PRODUCT UNDER LICENSE – Fridge Magnets by Blue Feather Products, USA.



Twenty-Two patchwork cotton Fabric collections for Marcus Brothers, USA.

Initially designs were hand painted but the final two collections were presented digitally.