paint chip repetition

13 Mar

WEEK SIX – (february 9-12)

I’m still in the captivating flow of stitching paint chip feathers. I hurry back to the machine repeatedly – it is left on the ECO setting during the day so I can quickly push some out in-between other duties.
Although I started working with what I had – some colours – I quickly went chasing the blacks, greys and whites of a black swan.
With the finished feathers too clumsy on the wall, the array was moved to the table so I can move them easily and work at building stories.
The pile of quick sketches grow as I come up with ways of working these lovely little units into a story.

feathers week two


With this weeks aside, while I keep feathering on, I’ll show you a little more of the fun we are having at our little house over the Christmas break.
Our philosophy behind this place is to make do, spend judiciously, relax and be creative. Time to look at some of the old furniture we inherited with the house.
Time to do it up or place it on the verge.

I started painting a little wardrobe inside (white) and outside (loud).
The bloke turned two turned bed ends into a luggage stool.
I also asked him to split a dressing table in half to make two bedside tables – a thrilling task for a man with a power saw!

The little wardrobe is designed to riff off the mohair quilt.
I painted free-form rectangles with my old (and very gluggy/dodgy) artists acrylics – aiming for the feel of disparate ‘unfashionable’ colours in the quilt.
Black paint pens gave me the defining edge line that I so love and with that the fine detail to stop it looking too messy.
Simple stripes with a silver paint pen allowed me to add push some of the colours backward and forward.
I love the effect of all of this action against the gorgeously unfashionable pinkish walls.

dwelly bedrooms-4


This little robe may not be everyone’s taste – and I may not love it in five years time – but for the moment it is a delight to jaded city eyes.

dwelly bedrooms-5


It cost me the price of some paint pens and used up a dose of daring.
Can’t poke your tongue out at that!

Jan Mullen

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