the decorator in me

11 Mar

WEEK FOUR  – (january 27-29)

I have a little container of paint chips – leftovers from choosing colours for the first two bedrooms  ‘our little house’ – a weekender down south for our growing family to share. We have owned it for just over a year and will slowly re-vamp the little cottage and the very large garden.

Those paint chips – they have been talking …stitch me, stitch me!
PLAN A which was to ‘draw’ an outline with a thread-less sewing machine thereby creating holes to hand-stitch through.
This was put aside whilst I gave PLAN B a whirl….success x BIG and I am off on another feather path.

paint chip feathers


I stitch, on the machine, freehand, and very slowly. I drag the thread backwards and forwards to anchor the stitches around the feather’s perimeter and through the quill only.
The results are thrilling…..small pleasures that will grow with multiplication.

more paint chip feathers


So, four weeks in and I am on my way with my first exciting lead. It will be slow going though, and I am totally unsure at the moment about where they will lead me.

Jan Mullen

B. Ed. Art/Craft (Textiles/Sculpture) Living in Perth, Western Australia Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher, Mentor.