self made pressure

17 Mar

WEEK NINE – (march 2-5)

You may have noticed the difference between POST dates and the headings of WEEK dates – they are coming together.
Whilst the project started in January the posts only started in March.
This week, week nine, is blog week for me. Time to get the written diary out in the open.

I’m aiming to get a weeks activity loaded up each day to catch up to real time as quickly as possible.
The blog will certainly be fiddled with for a few weeks while I work my way around WordPress. 
I am very much a design-as-you-goer/tweaker who reads instructions…sort of:)

So this week I flit from from upstairs on the computer, to downstairs where I am continuing on with the first set of Laminex samples. I have another nine finished on Tuesday but need to pick up the pace and finish this first project in the next couple of weeks…..there are SO many other things I want to explore.

My usual mode of moving a project on is to divide it into achievable parts. I now pile up the Laminex samples into a pile for this week and for next week.
Self made pressure, self made deadlines, both very necessary.
I’m making inroads.

flying through the piles


Between the upstairs/downstairs movement I take the odd coffee break to read.
My reading pile is always growing and diverse – it does also diminish, albeit slightly, and temporarily.
I have shown you a few of the books in the swan study pile but there are also more stacks around. I read fiction and non fiction daily plus keep up magazines as they arrive in my inbox or mailbox.

This week I’ve been reading a great book, 33 Artists in 3 acts by Sarah Thornton.  Learning about these big guys in the contemporary art scene, and their world, is quite unexpected – some have egos, others not, all are totally dedicated to their world.
Luckily my little feet have no desire to walk in their big boots – the world they inhabit feels like outer space. A fascinating, human-ising, well written read.

33 artists in 3 acts - a great read


It has been a busy week of swapping between the blog, drawing feathers and this book. Eagerness to get on with each in turn has made the week fly.

Jan Mullen

B. Ed. Art/Craft (Textiles/Sculpture) Living in Perth, Western Australia Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher, Mentor.