short week squished

2 Nov

WEEK FORTY-THREE (october 26- november 1)

This week starts with me still in Geelong. It is check out day, travel day and getting back to my bloke and my bed day.
It was also a day made more lovely, quite special in fact, by spending part of it with my friend Helen. We generally manage to catch up in Melbourne each year but we hit the Jackpot in 2015 with her visiting Perth and then me visiting Geelong.
It was nothing like the weeks we spend hitch-hiking around New Zealand after finishing Uni but in effect nothing has changed.
Special is definitely the word.

After any trip there is always a catch-up time. Time to settle back into the routines of home and unfortunately, if one has responsibilities, time to re-immerse oneself, to catch up and to hopefully get back into work mode at speed.
This trip was no exception and it really took me all week to get back on track whilst juggling with getting ahead. The year’s end is coming at speed and there is loads to do within every aspect of my life. It is that scary time…. perhaps Halloween fits perfectly within the year’s calendar?

So the week continued with emails and more emails and re-familiarisation with the stage I was at with everything!

old quilts -log cabinOur weekend trip down south rewarded us with a third bedroom on the cusp of  completion. So much so that I took my pile of antique quilts with me to audition for a space on available walls.

old quilts-crazyThose eventually chosen will have stretcher-type frames made by my bloke, I will stretch them with black fabric and stitch the quilts to them. I’ve done this before and now look forward to having some of these gorgeous textiles available for my constant viewing.
They will crowd the rooms a bit but too bad!!!!

old quilts-woolThe bad part of the week happened late Saturday arvo after our usual lovely day of busily doing, and quietly relaxing, both inside and outside.
A large rug that came with the house needed a refresh so while we were replacing furniture back on freshly sanded and oiled floors it was necessary to give that old rug a beating out on the front fence …a beautiful old fashioned image should be in your mind now….old quilts and rug beating:)
Returning the rug, minus a kilo of dust and sand, back into the house caused a little tiny twinge in my back….drugs and constant gentle movement and heat packs and lying on my roller – and lots of grimacing – will be my constant companion for the next few days at least.

george is twoThe other best part of the week – the first being cuppas and lunch in Geelong – was with my growing family….
I did miss George’s second birthday last week as I have missed many over the years whilst away working… sigh…… and the hat is apparently great fun….

George and Esther are born a month apart and I can now announce that they are to be joined, all going well, with a sibling each and a bonus cousin. We will have five little ones under two and a half.
Life is changing and I will undoubtedly have to redirect my focus closer to home next year.
Saying no is not something that comes naturally to me but next year it will be my default setting….be warned!

Jan Mullen

B. Ed. Art/Craft (Textiles/Sculpture) Living in Perth, Western Australia Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher, Mentor.