caught up with the blog, held up by a spider

22 Mar

WEEK ELEVEN –  (march 16-19)

I have caught up to real time – that is real time plus a few days which helps to give the past week perspective.

Instead of forging ahead downstairs I have been held up – my whole right arm is in the wars.
I have muscles in my hand aching from feathering the second Laminex project. I have a self-imposed deadline with this next set – drawing 60 a day to get them finished in a couple of weeks.
I still have a sore elbow from a stair/baby/dog/stucco wall incident of a couple of weeks ago – thankfully now finally de-scabbed – but still tender.
Vestiges of tennis elbow remain from weeding at our little house ages ago. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I was still playing tennis – the game of choice when growing up – which was no choice really, as we were lucky enough to have a tennis court in the backyard.
To add to the misery that is my favourite arm, I have been bitten by a spider, somewhere, somehow. Instead of the blistering and traces of this quiet nibble exiting quietly, as was expected, it has sent me to the doctor for drugs to stop the spreading ‘poison’. The treatment, Penicillin, obviously does not agree with me as I have lots of side effects – negative ones of course.
It has slowed the feathering but I am not yet defeated!
Pushing through the misery that is me at the moment, I am keeping to the quota.

I  do love these little oval samples. I love the black line – much more my style than the silver but then they will be works in their own right. They don’t have to live side by side.
I also love being addicted to doing just one more….

week elevenfeathers


I am a member of a very small local group of textile enthusiasts that love to investigate and celebrate what we have around us. The ‘Quilt & Textile Study Group of Western Australia’ is an autonomous part of  The QSG of Australia. On Saturday we had our first outing for the year and visited the home of a local quilter Janni Rees. She is prolific, works from patterns, interprets from all types of design sources, and also designs her own quilts. She teaches regularly. Her house is a shrine to her art and she has a mind boggling output…..500 plus quilts, all recorded.
A great afternoon was had by all. It is so valuable to absorb and celebrate local talent.

janni rees quilt variety felicity's quilt janni's house of quilts an unexpected shrine


Once I settle this blog into a regular rythym I’ll be making a start on a site for the QTSGWA. We have seen some amazing local studios, private collections, museums, exhibitions and projects over the years. Time to share our local textile gems with the world.

Jan Mullen

B. Ed. Art/Craft (Textiles/Sculpture) Living in Perth, Western Australia Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher, Mentor.