bumps and shadows

7 Dec

WEEK FORTY-EIGHT (nov 30- dec 6)

This was to be the week, the start of December, where I planned, yet again, to spend more time downstairs than up. I still had a bit of the keyboard tap-tap dance to do but it was not to be a daunting load. A report for the WAFTA general committee, writing up and acting on Strata minutes, a little working on web pics and such like….

And, I was still totally ready for this week despite having the tenants from hell make refurnishing parts of our little rental an urgent necessity…I had it factored in.

The good part of my week was to see me prepping and starting brand new work to enter into twentyONE+.
I did make a start but despite having materials and ideas and thought-lines and sketches ready, when I got stuck in I was frustrated by having to invent everything anew…the aesthetic, the material choices, the techniques and functionality for these proposed sculptural pieces were all beyond me.
Basically I realised I did not have the head space, the centred, inspired brain that I need to get started on something completely new. It was not going to happen right now.

This frustration is a direct corollary to the technical frustrations of the week – lack of connectivity and the slow train in getting it fixed. In the end the tech fix was simple – someone at Telstra simply needed to plug us back in – perhaps the bloke that inadvertently unplugged us?
It took a week, a long week, and it was extremely frustrating.
My daily routine was made totally awry as was my mental mindset.

Midweek I did work on Can You Keep A Secret #8 as a downstairs warm up and ended up adding some handstitch to the finished CYKAS #7.  Even though these are little insignificant pieces they are helping me to refine my thoughts, my aesthetic, and are a fresh way of working. I did have a little breakthrough – I realised that underlining the dominant sentence would make #7 gel.
Done. And done quickly and efficiently mind you.

new stitch additionI then continued with this process on the nearly finished #8.
Done, beaut, walk away, turn the lights off….
and then
I noticed a bumpy shadow of seams from the backing protruding through to the front that was indiscernible when the room was fully lit….disappointment city!!!!
If you look at the photo below you too may discern the disconcerting bump/shadow.

I can see bumps and shadowsI will undo the backing and try to re-flatten the front as soon as possible.
This piece had no batting, as I was trying to achieve a really flat result….mmmm – I did feel that it was a little too flat –  it now seems that I was correct.

In the end I prefer #7 to #8 but I still do want to try for a perfect match for my vision.
I may try another light fill such as a woolen fabric next time.

somerville time againIf I look back to the start of the week I am reminded that summer is now official in Perth.
The Somerville Auditorium outdoor movie session has started!
We sat tucked up and cuddling close under the quilts trying to keep warm whilst watching A Perfect Day on a very cold Monday night.
It was a good film but unfortunately it didn’t help me in The Perfect Week stakes:)

Jan Mullen

B. Ed. Art/Craft (Textiles/Sculpture) Living in Perth, Western Australia Artist, Fabric Designer, Author, Teacher, Mentor.