I was born into a family of makers; builders, ships carpenter, a collarmaker, a potter, specialist teachers, manufacturers and the self-employed.
Family is enormously important to me, both ancestors and current.
Contributing to my chosen communities has been a very worthwhile connection.

Working on art, making, and design, in whatever form it takes is innate.
I am very much a space maker/decorator/environment changer.
Creatively enhancing my immediate environment is an ever present preoccupation.
Constant learning is a given.

Textiles has always been my ease, my interest.
Historical pictorial quilts and primitive scrap quilts piqued my interest in quilt-making. Designing and making quilts for my family and home eventually set me on a career path.

Stargazey Quilts patterns, books for C&T and fabric design for Marcus Brothers are what I am best known for. I spent many wonderful years traveling the world – teaching, promoting, and meeting wonderful people.

When lugging my suitcases lost its appeal I returned to a quieter life of teaching in my studio. ‚Ä®Many of my students grew with me and eventually became part of the memorable Salvage/Selvedge Community project. Since then I have worked on bringing WAFTA’s twentyONE+ juried exhibition to life.

This blog is about the next phase of my life – living quietly in Perth, Western Australia with my growing family.
Now is time to press refresh.
Time to produce to a new body of work.
All the while I’ll be looking back on who I am and where I have come from.