another brew is festering

19 Jun

WEEK TWENTY FOUR (june 12-18)

I’ve spent another few sessions searching, searching, searching for woollen fabrics. I have three strong contenders for the next production of K1P1#3 (and #4 &#5). The next will likely come down to ‘match’ of size and colour of woollen fabrics I have on hand.
I can’t find anything suitable locally so far, and my supplies are dwindling fast.

I did buy a variety of woollens online from the Fabric Store but they specialise in knits. They have super speedy delivery and lovely fabrics but only one is the perfect weight and (lack of) stretch. I may go back to them for some lightweight Merino knits down the line but not right now. Instead I have booked tickets to fly to Melbourne in July to spend creative time with a friend and I will hunt for woollen fabrics in my usual and new haunts.

I’ve also spent time researching images for Horse Tapestries and Enid Blyton books!!!!???
I know I am delving way back but these K1P1 works are personal, they have to mean something to me. I have had some success with imagery so the next step will be turning images into suitable fabric design. I am so looking forward to the next piece….pieces… slowly steadily, one at a time though.

I’ve also been constantly plodding away at the pastel paint chip feathers. So weird me doing these faded morsels!!!! I’ve had to stop producing colour runs on the table and instead turned to cutting and trimming those already stitched – my palette was getting out of hand.

Now I am arranging the individual feathers on cardboard that is cut to a workable, portable, put-away-able size. So much easier to see where I am going like this.
I now re-arrange them continually, stitch more, edit again, fiddle and walk away.
No hurry.

SCCockie….the ongoing process in bringing this piece/ now these three pieces to life.
The latest plan is to stitch them each to their own ‘scarf’ and print the ‘story’ on paper underneath mounted underneath in similar fashion to Hurt/Heal/Scar.
Meantime they have been packed up and laid aside. They have consumed table space too long. When I next see them I want to be ready to advance and to complete them.

I did escape the studio and had a lovely lunch at Propellor with a friend midweek. Afterwards a quick visit to Matilda’s had me walk away with new treasures – a scrapbook and some bird and animal image sets that look like they belong in scrapbooks? A sale price helped me to rationalise the purchases:)

The book is Alphabetised at the beginning, so perhaps it is a child’s project?
I couldn’t leave it.

Later I remembered the unfinished string-pieced squares project bought close on two years ago that gave me similar inspiration…..scrapbook/scrap fabric/disparate magazine imagery…. a project for days at home sick? bored? needing to be kept occupied???
Another brew is festering in my noggin.

Speaking of brews, I have more olives resting in brine and have also prepared some Preserved Limes – both of these crops are heavy at the moment. Both look lovely bottled and they will help ease the load at Christmas time – more preserves made now means less last minute baking needed. I also love producing something out of ‘nothing’.

I ended up being ‘on call’ over the weekend.
A late Friday night text warned me that my help may be needed anytime. Little Bran had a bout of gastro and had passed it on to Mum and Dad who were really struggling. They made it through the night but Bran and I spent some park time giving his parents a break and him some sun and activity.
Knowing that I was in the firing line then was a worry.
The bloke was co-opted for the Saturday night babysit of babes #2 and #4, his first foray in this field.
I cancelled Sunday night dinner and laid low…just in case.

As I write this, on Monday, I have resisted the bug…almost. Just a little dose of evacuation so far….but I have cancelled all contact until Thursday – I won’t be able to pass it on by then.  I’m not planning on sharing anything this week!


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